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11 Open Source Internet of Things IoT Platforms and Tools

By using Salesforce IoT Cloud, businesses get a holistic view of customer data, improve customer experience and increase sales. For example, if sensors detect an error in windmill performance, it is instantly reflected in the CRM dashboard and the system can either adjust parameters automatically or create a service ticket. In this article, we discuss the most popular Internet of Things platforms for 2023.

types of iot platforms

For example, if you are early in your journey, you should focus on IoT platforms that can help you build and test prototypes very quickly. When selecting an IoT platform, you need to consider much more than just the technical capabilities of their solution. You are looking for a combination of technical, business, and operational capabilities that align with your company strategy and where you are in your product adoption lifecycle. As I mentioned above, the lines between the various platforms are starting to blur. Today, you’ll find chip manufacturers like ARM, who have robust connectivity and Cloud platforms.

What are the types of IoT platforms?

Moreover, the platforms exhibit potential for democratizing and developing global solutions. Flutter is a highly programmable system for electronic, design, and engineering projects. Moreover, it offers users an extensive range of solutions that uses an Arduino-centric board. It also includes wireless sensors that transmit information for more than a mile.

types of iot platforms

Kimona Connect is a free iOS and Android app that links smartphones and stands with IoT devices. OpenRemote is the only 100% open-source IoT device management platform for a wide range of applications, and professionally proven out by large manufacturers and system integrators. Given these benefits, IoT platforms can accelerate your time to achieve product-market fit while reducing your risks and cost. Additionally, the analytics can inform your monetization strategy as you grow your business.

DO-160 certification: what impact on IoT sensors?

All of these elements are important when selecting an IoT platform and they become increasingly important as your system grows and becomes more complex. However, depending on the type of platform, or its specific uses, this architecture can look very different. Bytebeam uses a much more advanced 7-layer architecture which looks like this. McKinsey&Company predicts that, by 2025, the overall economic impact of the IoT could reach $11.1 trillion, surpassing sectors such as “Mobile Internet”, “Automation of knowledge work” and “Cloud technology”. What about compliance, there is a need to meet with your regulatory and quality assurance teams for understanding any restrictions or mandates and documenting relevant requirements before starting the project.

Blues Wireless, a company similar to Particle, offers a comprehensive IoT platform and has recently introduced a new product line. By examining their features and strategies, we can create a roadmap to reach your own objectives for using IoT technology in your business. According to Google, the Cloud Platform is the top part for encouraging IoT technology. Moreover, with the utmost security system, Google Cloud offers complete functioning effectively. Standing as one of the top Internet of Things Platforms, it offers various fascinating features.

What are the different types of IoT platforms? How is the platform market?

ThingWorx platform offers rise management solutions with low app development costs and less app-creation time. It has flexible solutions for distributing full app design, run-time, and consists of an intelligent environment. The platform is even popular for its fast app development process and distributing different IoT solutions. It also offers flexibility and scalability for the future distribution and benefit of the tech world.

types of iot platforms

In case you need to migrate to a different platform, for any reason, the overall transfer should not be a hassle. For example, Google recently announced that they will discontinue their IoT core service by August 2023. This has left customers with no option but to migrate to another service like AWS. Now that you know what IoT platforms are and how varied they can be, let us take a look at how to choose a platform that is right for your project.

Most Popular IOT Platforms

We build prototypes, PoCs, MVPs, and large scale IoT/embedded solutions for a wide range of industries. At the forefront of the tech industry since 2017, Natallia is devoted to her motto – to write about complicated things in an easily comprehensible manner. With her passion for writing as well as excellent research and interviewing skills, she shares valuable knowledge on various IT trends.

  • IoT hacks have become so common that security must be one of your key priorities when choosing an IoT platform.
  • Let’s debunk some of the most common myths I hear against using commercially available IoT platforms.
  • Some examples of analytics platforms would be C3 AI, SAS Analytics for IoT, and Watson by IBM.
  • As mentioned, all these IoT platforms have common types of capabilities, with one IoT platform performing better in one area than another.
  • Some IoT platforms strive to improve the developer experience and come with various services that make it especially easy for developers to collaborate and develop applications.
  • Plus, you don’t require a router; flutter boards can interact with each other quickly.

IoT Cloud Platforms offer users ecosystems that generate compatibility within IoT devices. Moreover, it provides centralization to various backend processes to analyze data. It also offers scalable solutions to help develop cloud platforms from scratch. IoT Connectivity Management Platforms refer to the central integrating components in IoT ecosystems. The platforms offer users software solutions, hardware accessibility, and data acquisition to connect devices to a network.

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Enterprises use the 2Smart Business Platform to manage their fleets of IoT devices with the ability to brand the platform and mobile app using a white-label model. The Business Platform provides flexible tools for managing companies and users, restricting access levels for administrators, as well as advanced device monitoring and maintenance. In conclusion, Open-Source IoT platforms provide businesses with extensive connectivity opportunities that ensure growth and productivity.

Established vendors have taken important steps in that same direction. Many of them clearly are focusing on the use cases, preferences and needs of buyers on various types of iot platforms levels, whereby integration is a key one. Moreover, more vendors means more competition and thus more players going after companies deploying IoT projects.

IoT platform building blocks

2Smart Cloud is an excellent example of how an IT product, developed not by one of the long-term market leaders, is ready to compete with majors and can meet the needs of the broadest possible audience. If you are a developer and interested in building IoT from scratch, then check out this brilliant course by Junaid Ahmed. If you are seeking to make a computer that can perceive and exercise stronger control over the real world when related to your ordinary stand-alone computer, then Arduino can be your wise preference. It has been a really good experience with them and one that will last for a long time.

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