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29 Best Books About Alcohol Recovery

Al-Anon support groups and individual and marriage counseling can help parents. Dr. Mate does not appear to believe in the disease concept, and Pleasure Unwoven sets out to test whether or not it is. We won’t spoil the movie, and regardless of whether or not it is a disease, there are effective solutions to treating addiction. As you read through all the other counseling strategies that came after, you will find equal similarities. The point is the foundational message, vision, and solution of Alcoholics Anonymous cannot be completely avoided regardless of which method works for someone to achieve sobriety.

books on alcoholism

Black reaches children with exercises that allow them to express their feelings. Children are greatly affected, and Dr. Black understands the impact of them holding their true feelings inside and not talking about their feelings. If you know a child that could benefit from this book, we highly recommend that you have them go through it. We can not stress enough the importance of doing something when children are being affected. As we said above, if you don’t want to help yourself or the substance user, that is on you.

Sober Mom Life

Various insights help contribute to my sobriety which, after all, is what I strive for in a clean and sober life. I am not sure I’d be sober today if it weren’t for Tired of Thinking About Drinking. Belle’s consistent messaging on our faulty thinking led to a major mindset shift for me. She provides actionable steps for anyone looking to drink less or none at all.

  • This volume doesn’t just speak to people living with anxiety and addiction.
  • Annie Grace left her career as a marketing professional in order to share her journey with alcohol addiction.
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  • Healing Neen provides a personal look into the connection between incarceration, substance use, and trauma.

I recently came to terms with my own problematic relationship with alcohol, and my one solace has been in books. I’ve dug into memoir after memoir, tiptoed into the hard science books, and enjoyed the fiction from afar. The following are a smattering of the books about alcoholism I’ve found meaningful. The memoir offers an in-depth exploration of the complexities of parent-child relationships amid substance use and addiction.

Influencer Recovery, Part One

Marlena’s dark habits worsen, though, and she ends up dead within the year. Decades later, Cat reminisces about those days with Marlena and learns to forgive herself and move on from those days. Julie Buntin’s Marlena is a stunning look at alcoholism, addiction, and bad decisions, and how they haunt us forever. Survival Math is an incredible look at race and class, gangs and guns, addiction and masculinity. Mitchell S. Jackson frames the narrative around his own experiences and those of his family and community. Weaving together poems, historical documents, and photos, this is an essential book about, among many other things, alcoholism and survival.

books on alcoholism

Most drunks struggle to accept that they have a disease called “alcoholism” and feel shame, intertwined with fear, having to admit it. At 21, I embraced the disease along with 12 Step recovery, thanking my lucky stars that there was something I could do about my chaotic hippied lifestyle. “Don’t pick up the first fix, pill, or drink and you can’t get drunk.” Could the solution be so simple? From the moment I set down the drink and drugs, I knew I had to share this amazing revelation with others and my writing career began.

The Big Book

A beginning approach to the Twelve Concepts of Service is included. The book’s authors do a great job of helping the reader understand how their experiences have 5 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Sober Living House profoundly impacted the affected person’s relationships with others. Alateen is part of Al-Anon and focuses on young people who need help affected by addiction.

The trip—and the kindness they inspire in each other—helps them all heal. It’s Holy Week in the small town of Las Penas, New Mexico, and thirty-three-year-old unemployed Amadeo Padilla has been given the part of Jesus in the Good Friday procession. He is preparing feverishly for this role when his fifteen-year-old daughter Angel shows up pregnant on his doorstep and disrupts his plans for personal redemption. With weeks to go until her due date, tough, ebullient Angel has fled her mother’s house, setting her life on a startling new path. I recommend this book to literally everyone who wants to examine their relationship with alcohol. But I especially recommend it to women because of how QLAW calls out dating culture for permitting and encouraging alcohol use as a so-called social lubricant.

Written by a cognitive neuroscientist with former substance use struggles, Marc Lewis emphasizes the habitual reward loop in the brain that can cause a substance use disorder to develop. This book also examines the brain’s ability to create new neural pathways and lose the desire to use substances. Lewis provides a description of life in recovery that I relate to myself; that sober life is not a life of deprivation, but one of fulfillment, continued growth, and personal development.

If your life appears to be royally f–ked from your drinking, it probably is. But the good news is that Maree MacLean’s book is a call to action, not a death sentence. The No Bullshit Guide to Getting Sober challenges us to get more honest than we’ve ever been before about how and why we are f–king up our own lives. Bryony Gordon is a respected journalist, a number one best-selling author and an award-winning mental health campaigner…. Based on the principles behind “Steps Six and Seven”, Drop the Rock combines personal stories, practical advice, and powerful insights to help listeners move forward in recovery….

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