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Best Monthly Dividend Stocks

monthly dividend paying stocks

Future growth is likely due to the addition of new projects. For example, TransAlta announced that the Big Level and the Antrim wind farms began commercial operation in December 2019. Diluted earnings per share were higher this year by 6.7% to $0.23 USD. The company had a leverage ratio of 2.5x after the quarter, which is at the low end of its target range of 2.5x-3.0x. Shaw reported second quarter results on April 9thand reported consolidated revenue increased by 3.7% to $0.97 billion USD. Adjusted EBITDA increased 9.5% year-over-year to $427 million USD.

  • BlackRock Income Trust’s dividend payout has remained unchanged since August of 2018, when it raised it 29.81% from its previous dividend payout of $0.0265 per share.
  • Agree Realty switched from a quarterly to a monthly dividend payment schedule in January 2021.
  • This list includes all the stocks that pay dividends every month and are listed on the NASDAQ, NYSE or NYSE American in the U.S.
  • Dividend stocks pay investors a portion of the company’s earnings, typically every quarter.
  • Boston, Massachusetts-based Stag Industrial is a REIT focused on owning single-tenant industrial real estate such as warehouses and light industrial properties stateside.

The number of monthly dividend-paying stocks is limited, and if you truly want a monthly dividend stream, you’d have to buy many of them, or you’ll still mostly have regular quarterly dividends. But you don’t want to put all your money in one or two monthly dividend payers, either, because you’ll take on significant risk for the modest benefit of that monthly payout. One of the highest-paying monthly dividend stocks in 2023 is SL Green. The following 20 monthly dividend stocks have high dividend yields above 5%. Stocks are listed by their dividend yields, from lowest to highest.

Monthly Dividend Stock #14: Gladstone Commercial

The appropriately named Main Street Capital (MAIN, $40.10) is a best-in-class BDC based in Houston, Texas. Like some of the stocks on this list, Main Street is something of a turnaround play. The last two years were not particularly easy for MAIN’s portfolio companies, as many smaller firms were less able to navigate the lockdowns than their larger peers. But the company persevered, and today it is stronger than ever. Dividend yields are calculated by annualizing the most recent payout and dividing by the share price. Tezcan Gecgil, Ph.D., has worked in investment management for over two decades in the U.S. and U.K.

Over the prior 12 months, Weatherford soared more than 330%. For many investors, that would make the stock well worth purchasing despite its current dividend yield, which is 0.00%. If you’re a Weatherford investor who needs income, you can just sell a relatively small number of shares. How to pick dividend stocks depends on why you want dividends. After all, when it comes to stocks, many modern investors prefer equities whose share price rises rapidly, regardless of dividend performance. Dividend stocks regularly pay their shareholders a portion of profits they choose not to reinvest in the business.

For example, some monthly paying dividend stocks are REITs. Real estate is integral to any investment strategy but is not always accessible to average investors. REITs alleviate https://bigbostrade.com/ this problem by owning real estate in a trust and selling shares or units to investors. Investors are then able to benefit from capital appreciation and rents.

  • Gladstone Commercial, like STAG, has a large portfolio of logistical and light industrial properties.
  • For another gritty industrial play, consider the shares of Gladstone Commercial (GOOD, $13.30).
  • Retirees and regular investors may need or want to count on a steadier cash flow.
  • Investing in monthly dividend stocks matches the frequency of portfolio income payments with the normal frequency of personal expenses.
  • The company focuses on direct lending to owner–operated companies, as well as sponsor–backed transactions.

Automatic Data Processing provides human resources, payroll, insurance and retirement services to corporations. LMT has an “A” rating for financial health and has been growing EPS at more than 20% per year. That growth is expected to slow, but it should remain a respectable 10.9% per year (average) for the next five years. TXN has an “A” grade for financial health from Morningstar. It has seen strong earnings growth, and that is expected to continue with 10% yearly EPS growth over the next five years. The company has steadily raised its dividend amount, averaging 14.9% yearly increases over the last five years.

Monthly Dividend Stocks With Eye-Popping Yields for Income Investors

As of this writing, Realty Income has made 637 consecutive monthly dividend payments and has raised its dividend for 121 consecutive quarters – making it a proud member of the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats. These are some of the best monthly dividend stocks for income planning. In 2021, the company switched from a quarterly payout schedule to a monthly one.

Investors can receive the dividends directly as income or they can elect to re-invest their dividend payment to buy additional shares of the company’s stock. This ability to receive regular income is the primary reason dividend stocks appeal to income-oriented investors. But not all monthly dividend payers offer the safety that income investors need. A monthly dividend is better than a quarterly dividend, but not if that monthly dividend is reduced soon after you invest. The high payout ratios and shorter histories of most monthly dividend securities mean they tend to have elevated risk levels. The following monthly dividend stocks are ranked based on hedge fund sentiment.

The pandemic hit the senior housing sector hard, impacting LTC Properties’ tenants. Several struggled to pay rent, leading some to file for bankruptcy. However, this REIT’s financial strength helped it weather the storm and offset some of the lost income with new investments, allowing it to maintain its monthly dividend.

monthly dividend paying stocks

Thousands of dividend investors trust our online tools and research to track their portfolios, avoid dividend cuts, and achieve lasting financial freedom. Like most BDCs, Prospect Capital provides debt and equity financing to middle-market companies. PSEC has been publicly traded since 2004, so it has proven to be a survivor in what has been a wildly volatile two decades. Still, if you’re willing to take a modest amount of risk, EPR is a nice potential turnaround play with an attractive yield and the potential for significant dividend growth in the years ahead.

High-Yield Monthly Dividend Stock #14: Horizon Technology (HRZN)

Another way that a dividend can be attractive is if it is rising. Stocks that persistently pay a dividend—whether each year’s is higher or not—are attractive because of that reliability. The stock is trading below its 52-week high, but it has beaten the S&P 500 by an average of three percentage points per year over the last 10 years. The stock is trading slightly below its 52-week high, but it has an excellent track record for performance, outpacing the S&P 500 by an average of 5.5 percentage points per year over the last decade. It has grown earnings more than 10.4% over the last five years, and analysts expect 9.4% yearly EPS growth going forward. Broadcom is a semiconductor company with a wide array of product offerings.

It used the proceeds of those sales to reduce its debt by 9% in 2022, repurchase stock, and start going back on offense. The bad news for longtime investors is these moves didn’t happen quickly enough to save its status as a Dividend Achiever. SL Green lowered its monthly payout by 13% at the start of 2023. Enter your email address below to receive our daily newsletter that contains dividend stock ideas, ex-dividend stocks, and the latest dividend investing news.

monthly dividend paying stocks

A dividend is attractive if it is high in dollars and cents. More importantly, a dividend is attractive if it’s high in dollars and cents relative to the price of the stock—that ratio is a stock’s dividend yield. TSCO has the highest dividend growth rate on this list, with the dividend amount increasing an average of nearly 31% per year over the last five years.

Consider Monthly Paying Dividends for Income

Partnerships are not a recommendation for you to invest with any one company. Net income came in at $135 million, or 34 cents per diluted share, up from $23 million, or 7 cents per diluted share, in the prior-year quarter. Normalized FFO per share surged 8.5% YOY to 89 cents, while AFFO per share increased 12% YOY to 91 cents. DX primarily invests in mortgage-related securities, including federally guaranteed loans through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Regular InvestorPlace.com readers would remember that the mortgage REIT sector came under great stress in the early part of the pandemic in 2020.

Its forward dividend yield stands at 6.79% as of market close on November 8, 2021. BlackRock Income Trust’s dividend payout has remained unchanged since August of 2018, when it raised it 29.81% from its previous dividend payout of $0.0265 per share. Any company could pay a monthly dividend if it wanted to, but most don’t. In the case of regular corporate business, corporations are limited by the quarterly reporting cycle.

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Simply put, investing $10,000 in Company A would produce $752.50 of annual dividend income or $62.70 of monthly dividend income if they pay monthly. That same $10,000 in Company B would produce $800 in annual dividend income or around $66.66 of monthly dividend income. Assuming all other fundamentals were the same, income-oriented investors would prefer to invest in Company B because of the slightly higher payout despite Company A having a higher yield.

If you’re going to reinvest your dividends, you’ll need to recalculate your cost basis — the amount you originally paid to purchase the stock. IBM is an information technology company that has been around since 1911 and has a solid income stream. The company’s annual dividend is $6.60 with a yield of 4.8%.

Gladstone’s portfolio continues to grow in dollar terms, and the higher spreads on a larger portfolio is leading to earnings growth. Additionally, it manages RMBS, for which the U.S. government guarantees the principal and interest payments. It also provides collateralized loan obligations, mortgage-related and non-mortgage-related derivatives, equity investments in mortgage originators and other strategic investments. Schedule monthly income from dividend stocks with a monthly payment frequency.

Click here to instantly download your free spreadsheet of all 83 monthly dividend stocks now, along with important investing metrics. As of the end of fiscal 2019, Main Street had an interest in 69 lower middle best forex indicators market companies, 51 middle market companies and 65 private loan investments. The company has a market capitalization of $1.42 billion and generated $157 million in net investment income last year.

In addition, stocks that have high dividend yields are also attractive for income investors. As its successful due diligence record has made possible, the company has maintained quite stable dividends, paid out monthly, providing smooth capital returns to its investors. If you’ve got retirement savings of, say, $3 million, you need a 2.35% yield to generate the entire $70,500. Now, with any number of online research tools, start looking for stocks whose dividend yield is at least that much. On our list, more than half of the stocks currently generate at least much yield.

Management reassured investors of dividend stability going forward by declaring its three forward monthly dividends at a rate of $0.11. On August 1, Horizon released its Q2 results for the period ending June 30, 2023. But it’s one of the best monthly dividend stocks to buy, with plenty of growth in front of it. If the past few weeks is a sign of what might be coming to Wall Street, investors should get ready for a volatile 2022. In light of jittery markets and rising inflation, many investors are increasingly looking at passive income opportunities.

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