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eCommerce App Development- Types , Features, Cost & Benefits

Allowing users to log in and make purchases from a customer profile is the ultimate advantage of having a mobile commerce app. A significant benefit of your mobile commerce app is the ability to communicate with app users. You don’t have this advantage with your mobile site or desktop site for that matter, either.

ecommerce mobile app features

To improve your buying experience and make it even more pleasant, you can add a barcode search that allows users to access the product by scanning the code directly. Augmented Reality is shaping people’s shopping experiences and will become one of the main mobile e-commerce trends in 2020. It allows customers to interact with the product right from the screen of their mobile device. With the augmented reality feature, users can see a product and how it will look like in real context.

Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

As a result, by the end of the product discovery, clients know how their app will look like, how it will function, and what other details it may have. Once the PoC is approved on the client’s end, it is time to transform wireframes into full-scale detailed mockups or prototypes. They, in turn, visualize essential parts https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ of the future app, along with all the details. All those statistical data indicate that you should, and even need to, expand your business to the mobile realm. Different preview sections for featured categories, products and manufacturers. Our team has the expertise in developing bespoke eCommerce mobile solutions.

ecommerce mobile app features

You might be surprised to learn that the largest e-commerce share belongs to such products as books, music & video content. We can provide full-cycle software solutions handling the complete development lifecycle from product design to maintenance and support. Just like on your website, you should enable customers to access and leave reviews for products on your app too. Customer reviews are a driving force for eCommerce and benefit you in terms of providing more information about products, too. A report from last year found that people spent a huge 18 billion hours on eCommerce apps.

How Appinventiv Developed the eCommerce App Features For The Global Apps

The buy-now-pay-later transactions are bound to increase by over $450 billion by the year 2026. A total of 20.8% of retail sales is about to happen online in 2023. Most business ideas start with their website as the first stepping stone. When you learn about the minute aspect of how to build an eCommerce website that caters to your audience, you can get them to engage and talk about your product.

  • While not a feature itself, the e-commerce app needs to be stable and guide the customer through the purchasing without any failure.
  • Going mobile isn’t a shortcut to success, it requires sustained attention and effort, but the correct implementation can yield major benefits.
  • Previously, we also mentioned that an ecommerce ideally must have at least a few payment options for user convenience.
  • Also, being able to leave reviews about the product is essential.
  • Experts predict that such audio experience providing eCommerce features will be a big hit in the retail apps.
  • At Codica, we have plenty of experience in crafting high-performing ecommerce mobile apps.

A separate mobile app must be purchased for each store and cannot be used more than once. It is an adaptable system of guidelines, components, and tools that support the best practices of UI design. So, the competition is real, and failing to provide an easy sign-up procedure will lead to a loss of customers. Design – A carefully-created design that is simple and provides easy access creates a lasting impression. So if you want to increase user engagement & retention rate, push notifications are one of the best options to go with.

How to choose MVP features for your e-Commerce mobile app

Because it has made customers’ purchasing easier, BNPL transactions are anticipated to rise even farther from where they are now. Today, the trend is ‘the lesser, the better as everyone has become one click, one tap, and one touch, which comes naturally to mobile apps. Today, ecommerce apps with fewer clicks hold more value than an app with great visuals. A mobile app can use this functionality to deliver customized content to its users, offering a new way to interact with the products and services.

An easy entry point to the online store makes the customer happy. Hassle-free access to the app translates to fewer customers leaving and higher sales volume. Delivering a great user experience on mobile apps can be challenging because of loading time.

Native app

Even though users can’t make active purchases online, they can easily save items to buy later. Other great examples of mobile apps done by custom mobile app development and react native framework may be seen in one of our recent blog posts. But choosing the technology is only the first step to designing the top-notch e-commerce mobile app. And even the best framework and the most brilliant code will not save the application that doesn’t provide the features customers look for. The effect of smartphone penetration increase is seen among e-commerce and traditional retail. According to the recent Criteo Global Commerce Review, mobile apps globally generate approximately 50% of sales done on mobile web.

ecommerce mobile app features

You don’t need to know their favorite color or mother’s maiden name to complete the purchase. An app is the perfect platform to facilitate your customer loyalty program. Everyone loves to feel like they got a great deal when they’re shopping. So give your customers an incentive to use the app by offering exclusive discounts and promotions. Personalization aside, customer profiles make the lives of app users much easier. For starters, a user profile gives you so much insight into the mind of each customer.

TIP: Collect and analyze metrics on customers

The problem is that creating a custom e-commerce app is complicated, which makes you feel overwhelmed. Your custom branded e-commerce app will connect to your existing ERP or shopping cart software. Products are pulled from your system and confirmed orders are synced back to https://www.globalcloudteam.com/top-features-for-mobile-ecommerce-app/ your ERP for fulfilling. To begin stabilizing an e-commerce application, do frequent quality-control tests and gather feedback from users. Only if push notifications are appropriately created to attract and give value to consumers will they generate sales for your company.

Whether it’s a small brand for the middle class or a global brand targeted at the elite, sales and discounts work like a charm for every segment. If your eCommerce mobile app is struggling to expand its userbase, flash sales can help you acquire new customers. After the purchase has been made, it’s necessary to keep the users updated on the status of their order. Ensure that your eCommerce mobile app notifies the users about when an item has been shipped, when they can expect its delivery, and whether there is some delay in the shipment. Over 90% of customers feel their mobile eCommerce experience disappointed them when they tried seeking customer support.

Social Media App Users Are Most Worried About Communication and Sharing Features

Customers are often ready to wait for their products to be delivered, even if it takes longer than a week. However, consider adding tracking delivery status to make their experience more positive. Typically, clients complain less when they see where their orders are located. Moreover, to make things simpler for customers, retailers can even list phone numbers and email addresses in the app’s contact us area.

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